Manricks Music Records is an independent record label operating since 2008 and featuring some of the finest musicians of our time. These include McArthur Genius  Grant Awardee Tyshawn Sorey, Ben Monder, Kevin Hays, Ari Hoenig, Jacob Sacks, Thomas Morgan, Joe Gilman, Clarence Penn, and Matt Penman. 


Manricks Music Studio, the newest addition to Manricks Music Records, is a recording studio in Northern California specializing in recording acoustic music.


If you are interested in purchasing made-to-order music for your film, tv show or video game; please contact Manricks Music Records at info(at)


Samadhi | 2020

Clarence Penn - drums

Matt Penman - bass

Joe Gilman - piano

Jacam Manricks - saxophones

GilManricks | 2017

Joe Gilman - piano

Jacam Manricks - saxophones, synthesizers


Chamber Jazz | 2016

Jacam Manricks - saxophones and woodwinds

Kevin Hays - piano and Fender rhodes

Gianluca Renzi - bass

Ari Hoenig - drums 

Labyrinth | 2009

Ben Monder - guitars

Jacob Sacks - piano

Thomas Morgan - bass

Tyshawn Sorey - drums

Jacam Manricks - saxophones and woodwinds

Chamber orchestra

Cinematic | 2015

Jacam Manricks - woodwinds, synthesizers, piano

Hollow in the Land (movie) | 2017

Jacam Manricks - co-executive producer

Music Shop | 2018

Jacam Manricks - woodwinds, synthesizers

Jim Frink - drums

Alex Van Gils - electronics

Super Saxto | 2019

Jacam Manricks -alto and soprano saxophones

Levi Saluea - alto and tenor saxophone

Cooper Nelson - alto saxophone

Lucas Bere - tenor saxophone

Marti Sarigul Klijn - baritone saxophone

Joe Gilman - piano

Ben Kopf - bass

Tim Metz - drums

Christmas Card V.1 | 2017

Jacam Manricks - saxophones

Joe Gilman - piano

Matt Robinson - bass

Tim Metz -drums

Christmas Card V.II | 2018

Joe Mazzaferro - Trumpet & Flugelhorn 
Levi Saelua - Alto Saxophone, Bb and Bass Clarinets 
Jacam Manricks - Tenor & Soprano Saxophones & Flute 
Joe Gilman - Piano 
Matt Robinson - Bass 
Tim Metz - Drums