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Ben Monder-guitar 
Jacob Sacks-piano 
Thomas Morgan-bass 
Tyshawn Sorey-drums 
Jacam Manricks-sax and woodwinds and composition 
Chamber Orchestra on two tracks


Recorded June 6 and 7 2008 at Bennett Studios New Jersey

Enginneer Al Perrotta

Mixed and Mastered by Dave Kowalski


Post Contemporary Chamber Jazz released May 12, 2009 


Labyrinth was recorded at Bennett Studios in New Jersey and released May 22nd 2009 on the Manricks Music record label. The album has received over 20 reviews in major jazz media magazines, websites and newspapers around the world. !

“(Manricks) does for jazz what author Walt Whitman did for existentialism, he gives the genre meaning that people can relate to and apply to their own lives.” –Jazz Times, Susan Frances!

“(Manricks is) A composer beyond the confines of genre perception... mellifluous...meditative...beautifully contoured...An impressive collection of pieces” –DownBeat, Micheal Jackson!

“...He (Manricks) references Debussy, Schoenberg and Ravel, as well as Gil Evans, creating distinctively personal compositions whose lucid development, despite their complexity, makes them remarkably accessible... Heʼs also a very individual, cliche-free soloist...” 5 stars –The Irish Times Reviewed, Ray Comiskey!



Labyrinth - CD (hard copy)

  • +$1.20


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