In The Studio

Over the past few years I’ve been building a recording studio in my home to
create anenvironment where I can produce music in a refined and more
expedient way.  With high-end microphones, a beautiful grand piano, an
isolation booth, extensive acoustic treatment, gobo walls, and cutting
edge software, I’m able to create high quality audio proficiently. Most
important though, when paired with sites like Bandcamp I can now
release music to you for streaming and download with very little
turnaround time. It's like the system is rigged!

Currently there are four projects that have been recorded here
and are soon to be released (see below).
Duo Project with pianist Joe Gilman
The album will feature a mix of original material drawing influence from
jazz standards, post-contemporary modern jazz, and 20th century
classical music.  Included in the repertoire are angular contra-facts
(melodies) on American song book tunes and originals that are more
sound-scape/ambient music than straight ahead Jazz. Here are a
couple ruff-mix sample tracks:



Giulio Cetto Quartet

SF based bassist Giulio Cetto will release a compilation of well
thought out original compositions.  The band features Giulio on
bass, Parker Grant on piano, Mike Quigg on drums and yours
truly on saxophones. Here is a sample of a ruff mix:

Anthem For a New America

This is an accumulation of music I’ve been writing and recording
for picture over the past year or 2.  There is a mix of underscore,
theme song, and leitmotif based suites performed on live
woodwinds, strings, piano, drums, mixed with the logic pro sound
bank. Here's a sample:

Matters of Concern Theme

Handgliding Avatar

Duo Project with Drummer Jim Frink (Music Shop)
This project evolved out of Tuesday night residency where we
begun experimenting looping woodwinds and improvising on
top of them.  In the studio we will combine electronic effects
and ambient noise to create a modern experimental hypnotic
trance-like style.

Some snaps of the studio...

Kawai RX2

Drum (Vocal/Horn) Booth

Tasty Mic Combo ((Neumann UA87 & Royer122V)